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reak. Ma said that the source of infection is yet to be found and studies are still needed to understand its pathogenicity, adding that the possibility of virus changes over time can't be ruled out. -- The NHC and relevant departments jointly provided detailed information to the WHO Western Pacific Region on measures taken in Wuhan may restrict international travel, including the suspended operation of city buses, subways and ferries, as well as public health reasons for the ab


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rived in Wuhan to guide the epidemicpreventionand control work in Hubei Province, repeatedlydemandingopen and transparentreleaseof epidemic informat

ion. -- The NHC released the fourth version of guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of

human. Jan. 26 -

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the State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing to give briefings on the development of the community-based prevention

measures to curb the novel coronavirus epidemic. Such press conference has been held every day since Jan. 27, releasing updated data on a daily basis,including new confirmed cases, people discharged fr

- Xinhua N ews Agen cy repor ted that Chi

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om hospital, people who had had close contact with infected patients and were discharged from medical observation, severe cases, deaths, suspected cases, people receiving treatment in quarantine, close contacts still und

er medical observation, accumulative data on the Chinese mainland as well as data report

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ed in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan. As of March 31, 65 press conferences unde

r the mechanism had been held on a wide range of topics, including the epidemic prev

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